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Being a FULL SERVICE  landscape & supply company, we understand that the need of an extensive inventory is just part of the package. Our strength lies in the quality of that inventory and our ability to deliver that inventory to your site in a timely and professional manner. From the employee who receives your order, all the way through the delivery  & installation personnel, we have one thought in mind, to ensure that Gene Kelly & Son  has a  satisfied customer. With our knowledgeable staff we can help guide you from concept & design  through installation & and maintenance..
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  Landscaping Services & Nursery

If you have a vision, Gene Kelly & Son Enterprises can make it come to life! If you do not yet have a vision, our designers can create one. A design plan should take into consideration many different factors:

  • Direction of sun exposure
  • Long-term growth
  • Contrast
  • Texture
  • Need for privacy

After many years of active landscape design in  Florida, we are confident we  can create and implement a beautiful, personalized design for you.

Proper installation of plants and trees is critical. Preparation of space, supplementation of soil and awareness of underground utilities are factors to consider. We offered specialized equipment and experienced handlers that ensure protection of your property and investment.

Landscape maintenance requires attention to detail! Understanding growth habits, pruning techniques, water delivery systems and nutritional needs are just some of the factors we consider when providing maintenance. Whether for a one-time visit or a long-term program, our team can fulfill your needs.
Feijoa or Pineapple Guava
Feijoa sellowiana
Evergreen shrub or tree
Full sun
Blooms in spring
Blossoms attract bees and birds
Flowers are edible and can be used in fruit salads or for jam or jelly
Fruit ripens 4-5 months after flowering
Oval shape
Flavor similar to pineapple
Evergreen dense shrub or tree
Full sun to part shade
Regular water
6-25 FT tall and 3-10 FT wide
Good screen or large shrub
Can be kept as espalier or topiary
Very heat tolerant
Salt tolerant
Elaegnus X ebbingei
Evergreen shrub
Full sun
Little to regular water
Fast growing to 10-12 FT tall and wide
Attractive silvery growth
Very tolerant of heat, drought, and salt 
Strawberry Guava 
Psidium cattleianum
Evergreen shrub or small tree
Full sun to part sun
Moderate to little water
Grows 6-20 FT tall and wide
Tolerable against drought
Dark red skin guava, with an excellent strawberry flavor 
Sweet Viburnum 
Viburnum Odoratissimum
Full sun to Partial Shade
Low water
Can grow up to 6-15 FT tall and 4 FT wide
Blooms a beautiful white color with reddish berries 
Loropetalum 'Plum' 
Loropetalum chinensis
Evergreen shrub
Full sun to partial shade
Moderate to regular water
3-4 FT tall and wide
Neat, compact habit with tiers or arching or drooping branches
Use them sparingly 
Japanese Boxwood
Evergreen shrub
Full sun to part shade
Regular water
Slow growing to 3-4 FT
Foliage might turn bronze in winter
Good hedge or shaping shrub
Burfordi Holly
I. cornuta burfordi
Evergreen shrub
Moderate water
Drought tolerant once established
Easily managed to 4 FT tall
Sets heavy crop of red berries with pollinizer
Ligustrum 'Jack Frost'
Ligustrum japonicum
Evergreen shrub
Full sun to shade
Regular to moderate water
3-4 FT tall and wide
Good foundation plant
Nerium oleander
Evergreen shrub or small tree
Full sun
Little to regular water
Tolerates salt spray, wind and sandy soil
Fast growing 6-12 FT
All parts poisonous, do not burn prunings
Can bloom white, light pink, and dark pink
Star Jasmine
Jasminum nitidum
Evergreen shrub
Moderate to regular water
Full sun to light shade
Can be trimmed to height of 4-5' but can grow taller
Clustered white flowers in early spring to summer
Slightly fragrant
Green Island Ficus
Ficus microcarpa
Mounding shrub
Full sun to part shade
Low to moderate water
Grows up to 4 FT tall
Good beach-side plant
Commercial & Residential Pressure Washing 

Commercial Pressure Washing

Your building is most likely a major investment in your business and should always look its best since many of your customers and investors probably judge your abilities and reputation based on the appearance of your building. Maintaining your building's condition and appearance will impress your customers and investors and maintain the value of your investment.

Unfortunately, buildings, garage doors and floors, parking lots, vehicles and engines collect dirt and debris and do weather over a period of time.

Pressure washing is the most efficient method to get rid of the surface dirt, faded paint, mold, mildew and any other materials that might collect on your buildings, parking lots and machinery. Pressure washing is also the best method to prepare your building for repairing, painting or staining. 

Residential Pressure Washing
Your home is most likely your most prized possession. Maintaining the up-keep is the best way to enhance the beauty and value of that investment. Unfortunately, aluminum and vinyl siding collect dirt and debris and do weather over a period of time. Pressure washing is the most efficient method to get rid of the surface dirt, faded paint, mold, mildew and any other materials that might collect on your siding. Pressure washing is also the best method to prepare your home for painting.

If you are planning to sell your home and hope to sell your home rather quickly, plan to have it pressure washed and looking its best. Our cleaning products are environmentally safe and bio-degradable to assure that the environment is safe guarded. Our products are specifically designed to effectively and thoroughly clean exterior surfaces. This assures that the surface of your home is effectively and thoroughly cleaned.xt.

Deck Care

Wood is not supposed to be ugly and gray! Whether you spend time entertaining guests, cooking out on the grill, enjoying a beautiful spring weekend, we can help by restoring your deck.

As a Certified Wood Care Specialist, with low pressure and professional restoring compounds, we can strip that old stain, clean and brighten that gray wood, sand and repair, and finally seal and stain it to look like new wood again. Using stain and sealers available to contractors specializing in wood care, you can have a beautiful new deck as an affordable alternative to replacing it.

Fence Installation
Gene Kelly & Son is a fence contractor that provides quality service and fence installation at competitive prices. Our company can meet your Commercial, Industrial and Residential fencing needs.

We can install:

   Chain Link Fence
   Vinyl Fence
   Wood Fence
   Temporary/Rental Fence
   Equestrian Fences
   Patio Covers & Awnings
   Chain Link Materials for the Do-It-Yourselfer